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Victory! Victory! Victory!

Praise God for His awesome, miraculous presence that we experienced together at our last monthly meeting. l have been before the Lord in prayer and fasting as we agreed with those who came last meeting. Through supernatural revelation, God Almighty is leading us to go back to our knees and pray, God is going to bring us into a new dimension of anointing in our prayers. Our words spoken with authority and combined with the promises of God will enable us to confront every stronghold of the enemy. You will demolish strongholds in your family, your home your community, and your nation. There is a power so strong that it makes the rulers of this world tremble.

Through prayer, God will prepare us to face every circumstance and every satanic assault with the assurance of 100 percent victory: Victory in your family,Victory in your Finances,Property, Victory in your health, Victory in your lost,prodigal, and unsaved love ones.
Ev. Hilda Kahia